Pedestrian Experience

pedestrian1In addition to offering modern residential homes, 1001 Van Ness will also offer a significantly enhanced pedestrian experience including new open space and landscaping, ground floor retail and the activation of Myrtle Street.

Open Space and Landscaping
The proposal calls for 11,800 square feet of multiple landscaped and hardscaped green roofs, including a 1,600 square foot green roof which will be visible from buildings throughout Cathedral Hill. In addition, new trees are planned for the perimeter of the building and enhanced planting strips along Myrtle Street.

Oryx is proposing approximately 5,100 square feet of ground floor retail on Van Ness Avenue and O’Farrell Street, offering new, neighborhood-serving retail options for residents, shoppers and neighbors. Once the project is approved we will begin working with the community to identify specific retailers. The space will be able to accommodate either a retail or restaurant use and would likely fit one to three storefronts.

Bike Lounge
Oryx Partners worked closely with the Planning Department to enhance the O’Farrell Street frontage of the building in order to further activate the street.  In addition to being anchored by an attractive corner retail presence at O’Farrell and Van Ness, a convenient bike lounge with a glass facade on the O’Farrell side of the building will serve as a secondary point of access for pedestrians using the retail garage and residents wanting to connect to the residential lobby via the bike lounge.

Myrtle Street Activation
One of the hallmark features of 1001 Van Ness will be the activation of Myrtle Street. An attractive residential entry and new townhomes will be built across the street from existing townhomes.  Further revitalizing Myrtle Street will be new landscaping, improved lighting and concrete seat-wall elements, creating a welcoming, pedestrian-scale streetscape.